Away3D Prefab3D 1.5

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Away3D PreFab3D v1.5

This week, I’ve uploaded what is probably the last major update for the Flash 10 version of Prefab3D. With 1.5, I’ve tried to close the 1.x chapter with improved code, ui enhancements and like in most of my .dot releases, I’ve added a few new features as well.

Here’s a little list of what has been done since 1.4.

  • added multiple selection support
  • moved interface components
  • added marching ants to selection rect for UV editor
  • added doubbleclick open app/load awd file
  • added drop on dock icon/load file
  • added drop of external .jpg and .png file on selected model to set a texture
  • enhanced main system menu with submenus
  • updated code to support AIR 2.5 code + own packager app
  • added awd zip export to webservices
  • added octree support to raytracer. Allows faster renders with many objects
  • added rescalable interface
  • fixed incorrect interface lightdebug state
  • added event update for log and more info is pushed to log
  • added mouse right offset for camera in 3d view mode
  • added force load for 3ds and dea to display geometry
  • added check and correction on faulty containers names
  • added credits and licence windows
  • added mesh vertex animation player
  • added max dimensions for preview maps exceeding screen capabilities
  • added plugin description
  • added loop for the player
  • added md2 to as3 export for f9 and f10 up to 3.5.2
  • updated app skin
  • added Merge (was waiting on multiple selection for this one)
  • added first plugin “MeshEdit 1.0” to plugins loop. Will probably post something on this baby very soon.
  • finished plugin support front&backend
  • finished basic SDK
  • fixed direct generation on Lathe
  • fixed index always 0 on latest 3.6 AS3 class exports
  • fixed “unsupported file format” warning at init
  • fixed refresh on selection for jpg/png drops
  • fixed endless rescale loop when app is smaller than presets
  • fixed plugin security issues
  • fixed md2 player animation prefixes list
  • fixed missing refresh string bounds after snapvertex to grid
  • fixed write error on Windows for pathanimation exports to AS3
  • and probably few more code changes here and there…

    I hope you will enjoy this new release!