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Away3D PreFab3D v1.5

This week, I’ve uploaded what is probably the last major update for the Flash 10 version of Prefab3D. With 1.5, I’ve tried to close the 1.x chapter with improved code, ui enhancements and like in most of my .dot releases, I’ve added a few new features as well.

Here’s a little list of what has been done since 1.4.

  • added multiple selection support
  • moved interface components
  • added marching ants to selection rect for UV editor
  • added doubbleclick open app/load awd file
  • added drop on dock icon/load file
  • added drop of external .jpg and .png file on selected model to set a texture
  • enhanced main system menu with submenus
  • updated code to support AIR 2.5 code + own packager app
  • added awd zip export to webservices
  • added octree support to raytracer. Allows faster renders with many objects
  • added rescalable interface
  • fixed incorrect interface lightdebug state
  • added event update for log and more info is pushed to log
  • added mouse right offset for camera in 3d view mode
  • added force load for 3ds and dea to display geometry
  • added check and correction on faulty containers names
  • added credits and licence windows
  • added mesh vertex animation player
  • added max dimensions for preview maps exceeding screen capabilities
  • added plugin description
  • added loop for the player
  • added md2 to as3 export for f9 and f10 up to 3.5.2
  • updated app skin
  • added Merge (was waiting on multiple selection for this one)
  • added first plugin “MeshEdit 1.0” to plugins loop. Will probably post something on this baby very soon.
  • finished plugin support front&backend
  • finished basic SDK
  • fixed direct generation on Lathe
  • fixed index always 0 on latest 3.6 AS3 class exports
  • fixed “unsupported file format” warning at init
  • fixed refresh on selection for jpg/png drops
  • fixed endless rescale loop when app is smaller than presets
  • fixed plugin security issues
  • fixed md2 player animation prefixes list
  • fixed missing refresh string bounds after snapvertex to grid
  • fixed write error on Windows for pathanimation exports to AS3
  • and probably few more code changes here and there…

    I hope you will enjoy this new release!

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    2. Daniel says:

      Hello there. Nice work you are doing here! Got one question. Recently I’ve started playing with Prefab3D and Away3D. Wanted to build a 3D room. Everything is ok while its a simple cube, but when I start adding more rooms to it, corridors etc, after I render BSP/PVS, it finds leeks and all screen goes white. To build my room I use Plane primitives, and I use snap to grid. How can I fix this problem? Maybe I need to use some options like Weld or Merge? Or maybe I’m missing something? Thank you

    3. Fabrice says:

      Hi Daniel, (sorry for the late reply) You see “white” because the awd holds urls that are not found ( url is composed as follow: [url to awd- awd filename+extension]+/images/+mapname+extension]. By default awdData parser replaces error loadings by white maps. In short if the file starts in your away3d project, correct the url using the customPath property of the parser to make sure it finds them and you should be fine. Make also sure you have the privileges set right. I recall similar issues from a user using his svn folder to test stuff where rw rights were not set properly. Also by default the exporter sets the url prop to ./ . It was reported a few times that it failed using FlashDevelop. simply remove the dot in url if its your editor.

    4. dredge says:

      Prefab3D is amazing ! I have tested it since several months and I like it, but I haven’t found yet how to make a png texture transparent !
      I tried to use the png/jpg button linked to each layer or modify BitmapMaterial in the Away3D class exported but without find the solution. Somebody could help me ?

      Thanks in advance !

    5. Konstantin says:

      Hi Fabrice, first of all thanks for this great tool you wrote and published. Say, is this an open source project? If so could you point me to the repo?

      There are a few features that I dearly missed and that I could work on putting in myself if you are busy developing other stuff.

      I only used the Path generation modules until now and I’m really missing
      – an option to display the coordinates of the Vector3Ds,
      – change them manually,
      – maybe a button that rounds all vecors so we don’t have long floating point numbers,
      – an option to “close” a path (not only the extrusion)
      – and the possibility simply let the coordinates pe displayed as a formatted array so that you can simply copy and paste those into your project and don’t have to export a class first, then get them out manually and then format them for readability.

      Or if any one of those features already exists, please point me in the right direction 🙂 I guess some documentation is very much needed.

    6. Rob says:

      Hi, I am creating my first flash project ever- it’s been a steep learning curve. The idea is to map an interactive swf to a 3d model of a mobius strip. I have come a long way:

      used Prefab 1.504 to export Blender model to AS3 for Away 3d 3.6 with jpg texture
      used Flash CS5 to create interactive swf
      trying to use Flash Builder 4.5 to put them together.

      right now I am looking at my Prefab generated AS3 material mapping and have customized it to add various jpg/png textures, but no luck with swf. I think it may have something to do with this line:

      private function buildMaterials():void
      var cube007_Bitmap:Bitmap = new Cube007_Bitmap_Bitmap();

      Can I modify this section to make it work?

      if not

      Do you know how I might go about this / if it is possible?

      Your Prefab has been essential to my workflow and I thank you very much for it.

    7. ge5 says:

      I am using PreFab and a .dae and exporting my model as an AS class (also the same results “manually” when exporting with Away3D book export example)(Away 3d 3.6)–the exported class keeps producing the following error/any ideas or suggestion? Please? and thanksfor your attention…”error 1119: Access of possibly undefined property elements through a reference with static type”

    8. Fabrice says:

      Thanks, glad you like the app. This is a known bug in my AIR API. It will be fixed in next update.

      Indeed. These features will be added along with a profile editor that I need to implement. Tho some are already in there.

      Yes you can, but not this way… the swf bytearray need to be loaded and cast to movieclip. then you need to assign the mc to a MovieMaterial. Post your issue on the forum. We have now a dedicated Prefab3D space

      hard to say… I do not have any issues myself. Like said to Rob, I suggest you post on forum

    9. Dan says:

      Hi Fabrice!

      Indeed the Prefab is a great application. I started developing a small 3D application in Flash and your applications helps a lot.

      I would like to ask you a small technical question. Why did you chose to use the AIR SDK for developing Prefab. Is there a technical limitation regarding a similar application in Flash directly running in the browser? I ask because I need to develop an application almost similar with Prefab, but I would like to make it for the browser.


    10. Fabrice says:

      Is there a technical limitation… yes plenty security issues, especially if your app is ment to export files. But sure you can do all kind of stuffs on server side. This wasn’t my goal, as I needed this app to be the missing link between 3d editors and flash within a team flow.
      Please send me the url once you have it running!

    11. Steven Davies says:

      Hi Fabrice, did you ever complete the Hole Cutter function or plan to? I want to cut out window openings and thought that was something you were working on for away3d.


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