Prefab3D’s first plugin: MeshEdit

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PreFab3D's plugin: MeshEdit 1.0

With Prefab3D 1.5 it is now possible to extend the app capabilities via plugins. So in order to test all the distribution mechanics under the hood and possibly interrest someone to extend Prefab, I’ve written a little geometry editor: MeshEdit and added it to the loop.

In its first version, this little utility is far from being user friendly, it misses history, mouse rect selection, vertex features…
but even as is, it should ease up some common tasks and prevent the need to go back to your original 3d editor. You know, the few faces with inverted normals, that extra hole you miss, the face that you forgot to delete, the door hole you forgot to make…
Using it is pretty straight forward: select a mesh in Prefab, under the newly added “plugins” menu, select MeshEdit. Your model will now be displayed and you are now able to affect its geometry. If you cancel or close the window, nothing happends. If you apply, then your changes will be applied to the selected mesh.
Let’s hope I can find some spare time to polish this baby a bit more. In meanwhile, if you have remarks or wishes for this tool, please let me know.

Probably this week, another plugin will be added to Prefab, this time made by someone else… To install these extensions you have nothing to do: just say “yes” to the install dialog if one pops up.

Have fun with MeshEdit!